Installing Openwave Sdk Wap Edition

You can download the Openwave SDK from the Openwave developer's Web site: have to register before you will be allowed to download the SDK. Two different editions of SDK are available, one is for Windows NT/2000 operating systems and the other one is for Windows 98/ME operating systems.

No specific system requirements exist for running Openwave SDK, other than the correct operating system, which makes installation of Openwave easy and quick. It also does not require additional installation ofJava runtime as required by some other simulators. Openwave recommends using Windows 2000 (Service Pack 2) for optimum IDE performance.

After you have completed installation, select Start | Programs | Openwave SDK,WAP Edition 5.0 | Openwave SDK,WAP Edition 5.0

to open up the IDE, as seen in Figure 4.1.

Figure 4.1 Openwave SDK, WAP Edition 5.0 IDE (Image courtesy of Openwave Systems, Inc.)

Figure 4.1 Openwave SDK, WAP Edition 5.0 IDE (Image courtesy of Openwave Systems, Inc.)


The initial output in the phone is coming from dev/wml/devhome5.wml.You must be connected to Internet to see this initial output; if you are not connected, you will get an HTTP error because this URL can not be reached, but you should be able to request the files locally stored on your computer or network. If you have Microsoft Mobile Internet toolkit installed on your computer, you can type the following URL in the Address bar of the IDE: http://localhost/MobileQuickStart/Samples/default.aspx, which will show you the Mobile QuickStart documentation.

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