The Code

This example creates a very simple Tree type, which has a data value and two child nodes. For each node in the tree, a user-supplied System.Action() is invoked on the data value and Tasks are created to parallel process the child nodes.

using System;

using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace Parallel_Tree_Traverse {

public class Tree<T> {

public Tree<T> LeftNode, RightNode; public T Data;

class TreeTraverser {

public static void TraverseTree<T>(Tree<T> tree, Action<T> action) { if (tree != null) {

// invoke the action for the data action.Invoke(tree.Data);

// start tasks to process the left and right nodes if they exist if (tree.LeftNode != null && tree.RightNode != null) { Task leftTask = Task.Factory.StartNew(

() => TraverseTree(tree.LeftNode, action)); Task rightTask = Task.Factory.StartNew(

() => TraverseTree(tree.RightNode, action)); // wait for the tasks to complete Task.WaitAll(leftTask, rightTask);

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