Access TimeServer ChannelSink Provider implements the interface IServer ChannelSink Provider

public class AccessTimeServerChannelSinkProvider : IServerChannelSinkProvider

private IServerChannelSinkProvider m_NextProvider;

String m_BlockStartTime; String m_BlockStopTime;

public AccessTimeServerChannelSinkProvider( IDictionary properties, ICollection providerData )

// Get the start and stop time.

// An exception will be thrown if these keys are not found // in properties.

m_BlockStartTime = ( String )properties["BlockStartTime"]; m_BlockStopTime = ( String )properties["BlockStopTime"];

public IServerChannelSink CreateSink( IChannelReceiver channel ) {

bool IsHttpChannel = channel is HttpServerChannel;

IServerChannelSink nextSink = null;

nextSink = m_NextProvider.CreateSink( channel );

return new AccessTimeServerChannelSink( nextSink, m_BlockStartTime, m_BlockStopTime, IsHttpChannel );

public void GetChannelData( IChannelDataStore channelData ) {

public IServerChannelSinkProvider Next {

return m_NextProvider;

m_NextProvider = value;

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