Registering a Channel

Before a client and server object can communicate across a channel, that channel must first be configured and registered with the server. The client object will register a channel on the calling machine, and the server object will have a channel registered to listen for client requests on. Because a server object can have multiple listening channels configured, the developer of the client object must know what type of channel is being used in order to configure and register the client's channel appropriately.

Channels can either be created on the fly within your application's code, or you can use a predefined channel using a channel template or configuration files. Channel templates are external configuration files that can be loaded into an application at startup and save you a great deal of coding effort. You will see examples of both of these methods in the Immediate Solutions section. You'll learn how to create client and server objects that register their own channels directly from their source code. You'll also see an example of how you can create a channel registration template and use it from your application's code.

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