Data Storage

Data Storage

■ Relational data

• SQL Server, Oracle, Access

■ Structured, non-hierarchical data

• Comma Separated Value (CSV) files, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

• Microsoft Exchange Active Directory illegal for non-trainer use

Definition of data storage

Data storage is a method of storing specific items that together constitute a unit of information. Individual data items themselves are of little use; they become value resources only when put into context with other data items.

Types of data storage The following table describes different methods of data storage.



Structured, non-hierarchical





Data has no logical order. Data is separated into units, but the units are organized strictly by their order.

Data is organized in a tree structure, with nodes that contain other nodes.

Data is organized in tables, with columns containing a specific type of data and rows containing a single record. Tables can be related over columns with identical data.

Simple memo

Comma Separated Value files or tab-separated files, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Exchange Active Directory™, Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM) files

XML data document

Microsoft SQL Server™ and Microsoft Access databases, Oracle databases

ADO .NET Support

ADO .NET supports all of these data formats.

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