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Presentation: 60 Minutes


60 Minutes

Required materials

Preparation tasks

This module explains the concepts and procedures necessary to create and manage a Microsoft® ADO .NET connection to Microsoft SQL Server™ or other data sources.

After completing this module, students will be able to:

■ Build a DataSet and a DataTable.

■ Create a custom DataSet by using inheritance.

■ Define a data relationship.

■ Modify data in a DataTable.

■ Sort and filter a DataTable by using a DataView.

To teach this module, you need the following materials:

■ Microsoft® PowerPoint® file 2389A_02.ppt

■ Module 2, "Connecting to Data Sources"

■ Lab 2, Connecting to Data Sources

To prepare for this module:

■ Read all of the materials for this module.

■ Complete the practices and labs.

■ Read the latest .NET Development news at Default.asp?contentid=28000519

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