Lesson Populating a Data Set by Using a Data Adapter

Lesson: Populating a DataSet by Using a DataAdapter

■ How to Fill a DataSet Table by Using a DataAdapter

■ Multimedia: How the DataAdapter's Fill Method Creates and Populates a DataTable in a DataSet

■ How to Infer Additional Constraints for a DataSet

■ How to Fill a Dataset Efficiently

■ How to Fill a DataSet from Multiple DataAdapters illegal for non-trainer use


Lesson objectives

After you choose the type of data adapter you want to use, SqlDbDataAdapter or OleDbDataAdapter, and configure it to perform the tasks you need, you are ready to populate the DataSet for which you created the DataAdapter.

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to:

■ Diagram how the Fill method works

■ Infer additional constraints for a DataSet

■ Call the DataAdapter's Fill method to populate a DataSet efficiently

■ Populate a DataSet from Multiple DataAdapters

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