Driving Development with Customer Tests

In this chapter, we add the ability to add and delete a review from an existing recording. These capabilities are really two features, but due to the similarities in the implementation, we have grouped them together. Also, instead of implementing the functionality and then checking in with the customer to verify whether or not it's correct (as we did previously), we'll first work with the customer to define a set of customer tests and then implement the functionality to make the tests pass. This approach should eliminate the issues that we had implementing the previous feature when we, as the programmers, made some assumptions that turned out to be incorrect. Having customer tests prior to starting development is an ideal situation. Although we have not seen this situation very often, that does not make it any less desirable. In reality, you should push for the customer tests as soon as possible to alleviate the reconciliation of the differing viewpoints that we demonstrated in Chapter 7,"Customer Tests: Completing the First Feature." The longer you develop without customer tests, the greater the chance that the implementation will not match the customer's expectations.

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