Script 1 Retrieve an existing recording and verify its content

1. Retrieve a recording wrth an id of 4 via the Web service.

2. Verify that then recordinga title is "The Rising".

3. Verify that the artists name is "Bruce Springsteen".

4. Verify that the release dxte is "7/30/22002".

5. Verify that the recording's duration is "72:51".

6. Verify that the label name is "Sony".

7. Verify thatthetracp 1 titleis "Lonesome ID ay".

8. Verifythat the trac In 1 artist's name is "Bruce Springsteen".

9. Verify that the track 1 genre is "Rock".

10. Verify that the track 1 duration is "4:08".

Steps 11 through 56 are not shown here. These steps verify the rest of the track information for the remaining tracks and are similar to steps 7 through 10.

57. Verify that the average recording's rating is "4".

58. Verify that the review 1 reviewer name is "Bob".

59. Verify that the review 1 review content is "I thought it was great".

60. Verify that the review 1 rating is "5".

There are additional steps for each review present, and they are similar to 58 through 60.

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