Development Environment Assessment

To accurately assess your development environment, you need to consider the skills of your development team. The productivity of developers in an upgrade project depends on their knowledge of the existing source code and the target technologies. It is necessary to assess whether the team's current skills are capable of solving each issue that is found during the upgrade analysis. In general, it is recommended that the developers undergo full training in Visual Basic .NET before they attempt an upgrade project.

You must also consider other factors, such as the existence of test cases and how well your development team understands the application that will be upgraded. If the application does not have well defined test cases, it will be more difficult to demonstrate the completion of an upgraded application. When test cases do exist, they may also need to be upgraded to Visual Basic .NET. This is especially true if the testing process is performed with automated tools.

If the developers do not have previous knowledge of the application, you must factor extra time for them to understand the design and implementation of the application. The time that is required also increases if the application does not have an adequate set of documentation.

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