Application Embedded Support

One of the crucial shortcomings with the Help systems you have looked at is that they are all designed to provide fine-graine miserably when it tries to walk the user through a long, involved task. However, better help is possible. What's needed is a c

Application-embedded support represents that change. Quite simply, embedded help is user assistance that is a first class i complete. Embedded help provides far greater user assistance, but also requires far more development work.

Some examples of embedded help include:

Process-oriented. Some applications reserve a portion of their interface for continuous tip messages, or use a tiny trains users as they work, and is used to great effect in fairly complex computer games (like the popular hit The Sirr Stationary embedded. This is the most common form of embedded help, and it refers to the content added to diali Agents. This is one of the most advanced and time-consuming types of embedded help. It was pioneered largely ty schizophrenic-it provides tools aimed to make it easy for all developers to use this level of support, but it only occas Bidirectional help. To some, this is a holy grail of embedded help, but it's rarely achieved, and usually only in a pi in two ways. Not only does the user have to leave the application to read most Help files, but once the appropriate ir file to act on the user's behalf, and actually show the user how to do what is needed. Some Help files do provide rue communication is difficult and fragile. Wth bidirectional help, Help can perform the necessary task, once it determin

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