Partial Catalog of Additional NET Development Tools

To conclude this chapter, I would like to point out a number of .NET development tools that complement the functionality provided by your IDE of choice. Many of the tools mentioned here are open source, and all of them are free of charge. While I don't have the space to cover the details of these utilities, Table 2-2 lists a number of the tools I have found to be extremely helpful as well as URLs you can visit to find more information about them.

Table 2-2. Select .NETDevelopment Tools

Tool Meaning in Life URL

FxCop This is a must-have for any .NET developer

interested in .NET best practices. FxCop will test any .NET assembly against the official Microsoft .NET best-practice coding guidelines.

Lutz Roeder's This advanced .NET decompiler/object Reflector browser allows you to view the .NET

implementation of any .NET type using a variety of languages.

NAnt NAnt is the .NET equivalent of Ant, the popular Java automated build tool. NAnt allows you to define and execute detailed build scripts using an XML-based syntax.

NDoc NDoc is a tool that will generate code documentation files for commented VB code (or a compiled .NET assembly) in a variety of popular formats (MSDN's *.chm, XML, HTML, Javadoc, and LaTeX).

NUnit NUnit is the .NET equivalent of the

Java-centric JUnit unit testing tool. Using NUnit, you are able to facilitate the testing of your managed code.

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