Building NET Applications Using Visual Basic 2008 Express

During the summer of 2004, Microsoft introduced a brand-new line of IDEs that fall under the designation of "Express" products ( To date, there are various members of the Express family (all of which are completely free and supported and maintained by Microsoft Corporation), including the following:

• Visual Web Developer 2008 Express: A lightweight tool for building dynamic websites and XML web services using ASP.NET

• Visual Basic 2008 Express: A streamlined programming tool ideal for novice programmers who want to learn how to build applications using the user-friendly syntax of Visual Basic

• Visual C# 2008 Express and Visual C++ 2008 Express: Targeted IDEs for students and enthusiasts who wish to learn the fundamentals of computer science in their syntax of choice

• SQL Server 2005 Express: An entry-level database management system geared toward hobbyists, enthusiasts, and student developers

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