Building NET Applications Using Visual Studio 2008

If you are a professional .NET software engineer, the chances are extremely good that your employer has purchased Microsoft's premier IDE, Visual Studio 2008, for your development endeavors ( This tool is far and away the most feature-rich and enterprise-ready IDE examined in this chapter. Of course, this power comes at a price, which will vary based on the version of Visual Studio 2008 you purchase. As you might suspect, each version supplies a unique set of features.

Note There are a staggering number of members within the Visual Studio 2008 family. My assumption during the remainder of this text is that you have chosen to make use of Visual Studio 2008 Professional as your IDE.

Although I will assume you have a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Professional, understand that owning a copy of this IDE is not required to use this edition of the text. In the worst case, I may examine an option that is not provided by your IDE. However, rest assured that all of this book's sample code will compile just fine when processed by your tool of choice.

Note Once you download the source code for this book from the Source Code/Downloads area of the Apress website (, you may load the current example into Visual Studio 2008 (or Visual Basic 2008 Express) by double-clicking the example's *.sln file. If you are not using Visual Studio 2008/Visual Basic 2008 Express, you will need to manually insert the provided *.vb files into your IDE's project workspace.

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