Creating the Auto Lot Database

As we work through this chapter we will execute queries against a simple SQL Server test database named AutoLot. In keeping with the automotive theme used throughout this text, this database will contain three interrelated tables (Inventory, Orders, and Customers) that contain various bits of data representing order information for a fictional automobile sales company.

The assumption in this text is that you have a copy of Microsoft SQL Server (7.0 or higher) or a copy of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (which can be downloaded for free from http:// This lightweight database server is perfect for our needs, in that (a) it is free, (b) it provides a GUI front end (the SQL Server Management Tool) to create and administer your databases, and (c) it integrates with Visual Studio 2008/Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition.

To illustrate the last point, the remainder of this section will walk you through the construction of the AutoLot database using Visual Studio 2008. If you are using Visual Basic 2008 Express, you can perform similar operations to what is explained here, using the Server Explorer window (which can be loaded from the View >- Other Windows menu option).

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