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Figure 2-16. Inserting a class diagram file

Figure 2-16. Inserting a class diagram file

Note If you have selected your project icon within Solution Explorer before inserting a class diagram (as shown in Figure 2-16), the IDE will automatically add a visual designer for each type in your code files. If you do not select the project icon before inserting a class diagram file, you will be presented with an empty designer. At this point, you can drag the *.vb files from Solution Explorer and drop them on the designer to view each type.

Once you do, you will find class icons that represent the classes in your current project. If you click the arrow image, you can show or hide the type's members (see Figure 2-17). Do note that Visual Studio 2008 will show you all members in the current project by default. If you wish to delete a given item from the diagram, simply right-click and select Delete from the context menu (this will not delete the related code file).* Object Browser VsiOOSExample* j Modulel.vb* ' StartPage


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