Some Unique Features of Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio 2008 ships with the expected GUI designers, code snippet support, database manipulation tools, object and project browsing utilities, and an integrated help system. Unlike many of the IDEs we have already examined, Visual Studio 2008 provides numerous additions. Here is a partial list:

• Visual XML editors/designers

• Support for mobile device development (such as Smartphones and Pocket PC devices)

• Support for Microsoft Office development

• Designer support for Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) projects

• Integrated support for code refactoring

• Visual class design utilities

• The Object Test Bench window, which allows you to create objects and invoke their members directly within the IDE

To be completely honest, Visual Studio 2008 provides so many features that it would take an entire book (a rather large book at that) to fully describe every aspect of the IDE. This is not that book. However, I do want to point out some of the major features in the pages that follow. As you progress through the text, you'll learn more about the Visual Studio 2008 IDE where appropriate.

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