The Visual Class Designer

Visual Studio 2008 gives us the ability to design classes visually (but this capability is not included in Visual Basic 2008 Express). The Class Designer utility allows you to view and modify the relationships of the types (classes, interfaces, structures, enumerations, and delegates) in your project. Using this tool, you are able to visually add (or remove) members to (or from) a type and have your modifications reflected in the corresponding *.vb file. As well, as you modify a given VB 2008 file, changes are reflected in the class diagram.

To work with this aspect of Visual Studio 2008, the first step is to insert a new class diagram file. There are many ways to do so, one of which is to click the View Class Diagram button located on Solution Explorer's right side (see Figure 2-16).

Solution Explorer - Vs2008 Exam pie

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