Using the Solution Explorer Utility

The Solution Explorer utility (accessible from the View menu) allows you to view the set of all content files and referenced assemblies that comprise the current project. By default, Solution Explorer will not show you the set of referenced assemblies used by your project or the output directories used by Visual Studio 2008 (such as \bin\Debug). To view all aspects of your project, you must click the Show All Files button of the Solution Explorer toolbar (see Figure 2-9).

1 Solution Explorer - Solution 'Vs2008Example' (1 project)


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System,Data.DataSetExtensions *Q System,Deployment

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Figure 2-9. The Solution Explorer utility

Figure 2-9. The Solution Explorer utility

Notice that the References folder of Solution Explorer displays a list of each assembly you have currently referenced, which will differ based on the type of project you select and the version of the Framework you are compiling against.

Referencing External Assemblies

When you need to reference additional assemblies, you can either right-click the References folder within Solution Explorer and select the Add Reference menu option or simply activate the Project >-Add Reference menu option of Visual Studio 2008. In either case, you can select your assembly from the resulting dialog box (this is essentially the way Visual Studio allows you to specify the /reference option of the command-line compiler).

The .NET tab (see Figure 2-10) displays a number of commonly used .NET assemblies; however, the Browse tab allows you to navigate to any .NET assembly on your hard drive. As well, the very useful Recent tab keeps a running tally of frequently referenced assemblies you have used in other projects.

Add Reference

■ NET | COM | Projects | Browse [ Recent:

Component Name



System .Deployment

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