Extending Styles

In addition to the abilities to reuse and override existing styles, you can also extend a style, adding new properties or overriding existing ones (see Example 8-11).

Example 8-11. Extending a style

<Style x:Key="CellTextStyle"> <Setter Property="Control.FontSize" Value="32pt" /> <Setter Property="Control.FontWeight" Value="Bold" /> </Style>

<Style x:Key="StatusTextStyle" BasedOn="{StaticResource CellTextStyle}">

<Setter Property="TextBlock.FontWeight" Value="Normal" /> <Setter Property="TextBlock.Foreground" Value="White" /> <Setter Property="TextBlock.HorizontalAlignment" Value="Center" /> </Style>

The BasedOn style attribute is used to designate the style being extended. In Example 8-11, the StatusTextStyle style gets all of the CellTextStyle property setters, overrides the FontWeight, and adds setters for Foreground and HorizontalAlignment. Our current use of styles causes our tic-tac-toe game to look like Figure 8-4.

Figure 8-4. A tic-tac-toe game with more style

Our application so far is looking pretty good, but we can do better.

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