The Line element draws a straight line from one point to another. It has four properties controlling the location: X1 and Y1 define the start point, and X2 and Y2 determine the end point. These coordinates are relative to wherever the parent panel chooses to locate the Line. Consider Example 13-11.

Example 13-11. Two Line elements in a StackPanel

<StackPanel Orientation="Vertical"> <TextBlock Background="LightGray">Foo</TextBlock> <Line Stroke="Green" X1="20" Y1="10" X2="100" Y2="40" /> <TextBlock Background="LightGray">Bar</TextBlock> <Line Stroke="Green" X1="0" Y1="10" X2="100" Y2="0" /> </StackPanel>

This uses a vertical StackPanel to arrange an alternating sequence of TextBlock and Line elements. The TextBlock elements have gray backgrounds to make it easier to see the vertical extent of each element (see Figure 13-15).

Figure 13-15. Two Line elements in a StackPanel

As you can see from Figure 13-15, the Line elements have been placed in the stack just like any other element. The StackPanel has allocated enough height to hold the line. The first of the lines is interesting in that there is some space between the TextBlock above it, and the start of the line. This is because the line's Y1 property has been set to 10, indicating that the line should start slightly below the top of the location allocated for the Line element. (In WPF, positive Y means down, unlike with a typical mathematical graph.) The second Line element goes all the way to the top because its Y2 property is set to 0, again illustrating that the coordinate system of the line end points is relative to the area allocated to the Line by the containing panel.

You can use the Stretch property to make the Line resize automatically with your layout. The Line in Example 13-12 has start and end points of 0,0 and 1,0. However, because its Stretch is set to Fill, the points will automatically be adjusted to fill the available width.

Example 13-12. Auto-sizing line

<Line Stroke="Black" X1="0" X2="1" Stretch="Fill" />

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