A brief walkthrough of parameterized search

You will be adding two new forms to the main menu in this chapter — one for full-text search and another for parameterized search.

Double-clicking the Parameter Search icon produces the following screen. The parameterized search form you are going to build will support the following features:

• The user will be able to search for an account using a combination of any of the fields in this form.

• The search form will also allow the user to search across leads, opportunities, and customers.

• The search form will allow the user to perform partial searches on the First name and Last name fields.

After clicking Search, the application will build a search query from the parameters specified in this window and use it to search against the database. The search results returned are then displayed in the following window:

You will reuse the paging control you've created in the previous chapter to provide paging functionality for the search results listing. Take note that this listing also has an additional column (Type) on the right to denote the type of the account. The end user can choose to sort the search results by name, date created, or type of the account.

The user can also choose to launch into the details screen for a selected account from this window using the Accounts | Edit selected item menu item on the menu bar. The Accounts menu will also provide an option for users to delete a selected item.

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