Building the Data Tier

The data tier handles all transactions between the database and the logic tier. In this chapter, we will explore how we can build a plugin-based data tier for the CRMLive. NET mobile sales force application. A plugin-based data tier has the benefit of not having to recompile the entire application when an underlying database change needs to be done. It also serves to further increase the decoupling of the data tier from the adjacent logic tier. Different database support is provided through the distribution of small DLL (Dynamic Link Library) plugin files, which can be installed or removed by the end user depending on his or her needs. By the end of this chapter, you will have learned:

• How to build an adaptable plugin-based data tier

• How to set up Oracle Lite and SQL Server CE on the mobile device

• The differences between Oracle Lite 10g and SQL Server CE 3.5

• How to use interfaces to access Oracle Lite and SQL Server CE through the same set of method calls

• How to connect, read, and write data to and from Oracle Lite and SQL Server CE using ADO.NET DataSets

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