Creating a new publication using the Mobile Database Workbench

A publication represents an application (and its database) in the Oracle mobile server. You can create a publication through the Mobile Database Workbench tool provided with Oracle Mobile Server.

Creating a new mobile project

Launch the Mobile Database Workbench tool from Start | All Programs | Oracle Database Lite 10g | Mobile Database Workbench. Create a new project by clicking on the File | New | Project menu item in the Mobile Database Workbench window. A project creation wizard will run. Specify a name for your project and a location to store the project files.

The next screen will request you to key in mobile repository particulars. Specify your mobile repository connection settings, and use the mobile server administrator password you specified earlier to log in.

In the next step, specify a schema to use for the application. As you've created the master tables in the master schema, you can specify your master account username and password here.

The next screen will show a summary of what you've configured so far. Click the Finish button to generate the project. If your project is generated successfully, you should be able to see your project and a tree list of its components in the left pane.

Adding publication items to your project

Each publication item corresponds to a database table that you intend to publish. For example, if your application contained five tables, you will need to create five publication items. Let's create the publication items now for the Accounts, AccountTasks, AccountHistories, AccountFiles, and Products tables.

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