Entire table each time

This option syncs down the entire table during each sync. You can use this option on small tables that change frequently.

After you've added the tables to the cached list, you need to expand the Advanced section. You will notice that both the server and client project location are set to the same project. Change the client project location to the SalesForceApp project. The client project is usually a WinForms application. This step allows the wizard to generate the database .sdf file in the SalesForceApp project.

Click on the OK button to start generating the files required for the sync. You may be prompted to Update the server for incremental changes and to Save the SQL scripts in the project for later use. Select both options if prompted. At the end of this process, you will find new files added to both your CRMLiveServiceLibrary and SalesForceApp projects.

You will also immediately notice that two new fields — LastEditDate and CreationDate have been automatically added to each table in your crmlive database. You don't have to worry about this—these two fields are managed by SQL Server and will allow the Synchronization Framework to decide on the records that have changed and need to be synced down.

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