Overview of Power Toys for NET CF

In a nutshell, the Power Toys for .NET CF 3.5 package is a set of tools commonly used to gauge application performance and collect diagnostic information for applications developed on .NET CF 3.5. The following table lists down each tool in the package and what it does.

Tool name


Remote Performance Monitor and GC Heap Viewer

CLR Profiler

App Configuration tool

ServiceModel Metadata tool

Remote Logging Configuration tool

Network Logging Viewer tool

The Remote Performance Monitor allows you to capture and view performance statistics in real time while your mobile application is running.

The GC Heap Viewer allows you to capture "snapshots" of the memory heap at different points in time and to analyze the differences between each "snapshot."

The CLR Profiler tool is a memory profiler that provides details on how your application allocates managed objects.

This relatively simple tool allows you to view the contents of the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) on your mobile device. It also allows you to configure the specific .NET CF version used for each application on the mobile device.

This tool allows you to generate client-side source code (in the language of your choice) to connect to a WCF or web service. You can immediately import these generated files into your Visual Studio project.

This tool allows you to enable or disable logging of network events on the mobile device. Once enabled, all network messages and events (including WCF sessions) will be captured to a log file on the mobile device.

This tool allows you to view the log files generated by the Remote Logging Configuration tool.

Installing Power Toys for .NET CF 3.5

You can download the Power Toys for .NET CF 3.5 package from this location:

http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c8174c14-a2 7d-414 8-bf01-8 6c2e0 953eab&displaylang=en.

After running the setup, you will see a new shortcut in your All Programs area (as shown in the following screenshot). Some of the tools mentioned in the preceding table might not be visible in this area because they are command-line based. Nevertheless, you will see how you can launch and use each of these tools later in this chapter.

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