Sending SMS and email from your application

As you are probably aware, Windows Mobile uses the integrated Outlook Mobile software to manage your tasks, appointments, e-mails, SMS, and MMS messages. Microsoft provides the Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook namespace, which allows you to utilize Outlook Mobile to programmatically send an SMS or e-mail.

The POOM (Pocket Outlook Object Model) allows you to automate the Windows Mobile messaging application's UI. This means that you can use POOM to send SMS and e-mail messages, create tasks, iterate through your appointments, and so on.

There are two ways to include SMS- and e-mail-sending capability in your application. One way is to build your own UI to let the user key in his or her message and use POOM to programmatically send the message. Alternatively, you could also delegate this functionality to the default Windows Mobile Compose window (and, to make it more convenient for the end user, prefill some of the fields in this window with the minimum data required—such as the intended recipient of the message). Let's take a look at both approaches in the following sections:

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