SQL Server CE 35 versus Oracle Lite 10g

In a thick client application, an important factor in deciding which mobile database to use depends on what you have installed on the server as your enterprise database. Data synchronization between the device and the enterprise database is usually a job that you want to leave entirely to the database engine. For instance, it doesn't make sense to use Oracle Lite on your mobile device when your enterprise database is SQL Server because they would not be able to sync between themselves.

In the sales force application, you will be implementing both databases. There are a few differences between these two databases, which you might be interested to know. They are listed in the following table:

SQL Server CE

Microsoft provides the Microsoft Sync Framework (with SQL Server 2008) that allows you to sync a SQL Server CE database with any different database (any ADO.NET accessible database)

SQL Server CE supports IDENTITY columns

Mobile database footprint is roughly half the size of Oracle Lite (~2.5MB)

Provides GUI-based db management tool to create and manage table schemas

Does not support database views

Oracle Lite

Oracle Lite syncs only with an Oracle database through the Oracle Mobile Server

Oracle Lite supports the use of SEQUENCES to implement running counters

Has a bigger mobile database footprint (~5MB)

Provides a GUI-based db management tool, but table schema creation/manipulation has to be done through SQL

Supports database views

One important consideration to note is that both Microsoft SQL Server CE and Oracle Lite do not provide support for stored procedures. Your mobile applications can, however, use parameterized queries for data access.

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