Testing and Debugging

Most of us have encountered cases where an application would crash and burn after running for extended periods of time and then see error messages (such as Out of handles exceptions) that don't seem to shed any light on where or how the problem occurred. Troubleshooting issues such as memory leaks using the debugging features of Visual Studio alone can be a frustratingly difficult affair, particularly because these types of problems cannot be traced by the debugger to any specific line in code but rather, arise from a build-up of memory that is not released.

Microsoft has released a suite of diagnostic tools to help .NET CF developers troubleshoot these types of issues in their applications. The Power Toys for .NET CF 3.5 suite is provided free of charge, and gives you the ability to peek "under the .NET CF hood" while your mobile application runs. In this chapter, you will learn how to use each tool to resolve commonly encountered .NET CF problems. You will specifically learn about the following:

• The Power Toys for .NET CF 3.5 package and what it contains

• How to use the Remote Performance Monitor and GC Heap Viewer tools to detect and resolve memory leaks

• How to use the CLR Profiler tool to investigate the memory allocation profile of your application

• How to use the App Configuration tool to configure the specific .NET CF version used for an application

• How to use the ServiceModel Metadata tool to generate client code to connect to WCF or web services

• How to log and view network events using the Remote Logging Configuration/Viewer Tools

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