What you need for this book

This book provides all source code in both VB.NET and C#. To run most of the code samples in this book, you will need the following basic tools:

• A suitable development workstation with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

• Windows Mobile 6 SDK (includes an emulator for you to test your .NET CF applications)

• Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 (for Windows XP machines) or Microsoft Mobile Device Center (for Windows Vista machines)

• The .NET Compact Framework 3.5 redistributable

• The Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 database

Throughout the book, we will also encounter certain technologies and products when we build our application. The following lists the other products used in the book:

• In Chapter 2, we will show how the data tier can also be built to support the Oracle Lite database. To run the Oracle Lite code samples, you will need to download and install Oracle Lite 10g.

• In Chapters 5 and 10, we make use of the Smart Device Framework to handle specific requirements in the CRMLive.NET application. To run the code samples in these chapters, you will need to install the Community Edition of the Smart Device Framework v. (at the time of writing).

• In Chapter 11, we will be building a messaging backbone on top of the Microsoft Messaging Queue service. You will need to install the MSMQ service on the mobile device.

• In Chapter 12, we will cover the tools provided in the PowerToys for .NET CF 3.5 suite (provided by Microsoft) to test and debug the CRMLive.NET application. You will need to install this product to try out the samples in this chapter.

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